San Francisco’s Soft-On Crime Approach is Turning it Into a Criminal Hellscape

Like many other leftist cities, San Francisco is experiencing an unprecedented crime wave

According to a post by public safety watchdog Stop Crime SF from last month, crimes such as burglary and homicide were “up for the fourth straight month in San Francisco. Homicides increased in San Francisco by 25 percent in July compared to the same month last year, and by 30 percent for the year to date. Thirty people have been murdered in the city this year.”

In addition, Stop Crime SF highlighted the extent of burglary increases:

Stop Crime SF previously reported that crime was up this spring, and the police department’s crime data dashboard shows burglaries climbed sharply in July also. They were up 56 percent, with 680 burglaries reported. Burglaries have also risen a steep 42 percent for the year to date.

“On top of dealing with a global pandemic, San Francisco police now have to deal with skyrocketing crime rates,” declared Frank Noto, Stop Crime SF president. “We can’t forget the victims of the homicides, burglaries, arsons and stolen cars that we’ve seen more of this year.”

“Much of the blame for rising crime falls on San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, as his office fails to prosecute many criminals, including drug dealers who poison the Tenderloin and other neighborhoods with heroin and fentanyl, while deaths from drug overdoses reach a record high. And it appears the burglary community is spreading the news that San Francisco is the place to be, since the DA is soft on crime,” Noto observed.

Noto was also critical of calls to defund the police.

“While racial inequality and police brutality are real in America, now more than ever we need to invest in recruiting and training community-oriented police.  Because without an adequate staffed police force, overstretched officers become overworked and stressed – making split-second decisions in dangerous situations even more difficult. Now is not the time to reduce the number of officers needed to keep our vulnerable residents safe. San Francisco especially needs police that all our communities can trust to protect them from criminals,” Noto remarked.

“Transferring some police duties to social and community services and creating programs to take non-violent mental health and homeless cases out of the hands of police isn’t done in a day.  It needs careful planning, infrastructure, hiring and training over a period of years,” continued Noto.

One Twitter user, Lou B, tweeted “With burglaries up 42% year-to-date (under Boudin), SFPD sources are telling me that Boudin’s office is telephoning burglary victims and asking them to drop their case as a favor to “restorative justice.”

Chesa Boudin is the son of radical left-wing terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers and his time as San Francisco D.A. has been marked by promoting bizarre restorative justice policies that favor criminals and eschew the use of punitive measures to deter crime.

When adding Californian style gun control into the mix, it’s only logical to see why San Francisco is socially imploding. The leftist rioting going around the country highlights the importance of participating in local politics. This is where people can still have an impact and change policies that directly affect them.

Ignoring local politics could prove to be disastrous for many conservatives across the nation.

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