San Francisco’s Vape Ban Results in 30 Percent Increase of Cigarette Smoking Among Teens

Anti-vape legislation passed in San Francisco, Calif. has resulted in a 30 percent increase in cigarette smoking among teenagers in the city, according to the findings of a new study.

The 2018 ban on flavored vapes and other types of electronic cigarettes was a boon for the cigarette industry. With their favorite products forced out of the market by liberal busybodies, young nicotine consumers predictably turned to actual cigarettes. The prevalence of vaping has led to a decrease in consumption of cigarettes by teenagers nationwide, but San Francisco reversed that trend their policy.

The peer-reviewed study appeared in JAMA Pediatrics and is the first of its kind to measure the impacts of banning vape products that are popular with teenagers.

“These findings suggest a need for caution,” said study author Dr. Abigail Friedman, who works as an assistant professor of health policy at the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH).

The YSPH believes that the data from their study shows how banning vape products can lead to more cigarette use, which is arguably worse for the young nicotine users than vaping.

“While neither smoking cigarettes nor vaping nicotine are safe per se, the bulk of current evidence indicates substantially greater harms from smoking, which is responsible for nearly one in five adult deaths annually,” Friedman said.

“Even if it is well-intentioned, a law that increases youth smoking could pose a threat to public health,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on how San Francisco is collapsing due to far-left policies that are failing the public on every issue:

According to a post by public safety watchdog Stop Crime SF from last month, crimes such as burglary and homicide were “up for the fourth straight month in San Francisco. Homicides increased in San Francisco by 25 percent in July compared to the same month last year, and by 30 percent for the year to date. Thirty people have been murdered in the city this year.”

In addition, Stop Crime SF highlighted the extent of burglary increases:

Stop Crime SF previously reported that crime was up this spring, and the police department’s crime data dashboard shows burglaries climbed sharply in July also. They were up 56 percent, with 680 burglaries reported. Burglaries have also risen a steep 42 percent for the year to date.

“On top of dealing with a global pandemic, San Francisco police now have to deal with skyrocketing crime rates,” declared Frank Noto, Stop Crime SF president. “We can’t forget the victims of the homicides, burglaries, arsons and stolen cars that we’ve seen more of this year.”

“Much of the blame for rising crime falls on San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, as his office fails to prosecute many criminals, including drug dealers who poison the Tenderloin and other neighborhoods with heroin and fentanyl, while deaths from drug overdoses reach a record high. And it appears the burglary community is spreading the news that San Francisco is the place to be, since the DA is soft on crime,” Noto observed.”

San Francisco is a case study for why Democrats and leftists should never be in charge of any city government. More children smoking deadly cigarettes is just one of the myriad problems caused by out-of-control Democrat officials.

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