San Marcos Police: Biden Supporter SUV At Fault in Sideswiping Incident with Trump Supporter Pickup

The San Marcos Police Department has come out with their determination of what happened in the sideswiping incident between Trump supporters and Biden supporters during last weekend’s Biden bus tour in Texas. They believe the SUV driven by Biden supporters was the actual aggressor, not the pickup truck driven by Trump supporters.

WGNTV reports that the San Marcos PD, after watching the video and further researching the incident, thinks the Trump supporters were the victims and the Biden supporters at fault. This is likely because the SUV straddled both his lane and the pickup truck’s lane for several seconds before getting sideswiped.

The police also said that the Biden-Harris bus in front of both vehicles requested a police escort but ultimately did not get one due to heavy traffic.

Big League Politics previously reported on Jake Tapper spreading the false claim that the Biden supporters were the victims:

In what has become a routine occurrence over the past few years, a CNN journalist has spread an absurdly false claim in order to make Trump and/or Trump supporters look bad.

Jake Tapper retweeted a thread by “Dr. Eric Cervini,” a self-described “author, historian, homo” with pronouns in his Twitter bio, that falsely claims Trump supporters driving a pickup truck were targeting an SUV of Biden supporters.

Tapper commented: “Biden campaign says Trump supporters in Texas put their ‘staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way.’”

Big League Politics also reported on the FBI’s silly decision to expend time and resources on the incident as well as the reaction of President Trump and Texas GOP Chairman Allen West:

While liberals are trying to make a slight fender bender out to be some sort of hate crime, President Trump is refusing to surrender to the idiotic leftist narrative and standing with his supporters who trolled the Biden bus.

Chairman West’s response was even more based when he responded to the Texas Tribune for a comment about the story.

“Three Trump supporters have been executed, one in Portland, one in Denver, and one Milwaukee. A leftist mob attempted to storm the house of the McCloskeys, threatened to burn their house down, rape Mrs. McCloskey, and then kill them both,” Chairman West said.

“Where is the liberal corporate media’s concern about that real violence? Additionally, none of what your question implies is accurate. It is more fake news and propaganda,” he added. “Prepare to lose…stop bothering me. Maybe Soros can cut y’all another check in 2022.”

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