Sandy Hook Parents Want Alex Jones to Pay $2.5 TRILLION for Their Hurt Feelings

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Because Infowars founder Alex Jones expressed his unpopular opinion about current events, he may have to pay $2.5 trillion as a new Soviet-style legal standard is established in America against enemies of the regime.

The Sandy Hook families, not content with the $1 billion figure they received in the previous show trial, now want Jones to pay $2.5 trillion as the court proceedings become laughably absurd.

They came to the figure by multiplying each of Alex Jones’ 550 million social media impressions by $5,000, which is the maximum allowed under the law. They are suing under a Connecticut law typically used for recourse against companies for products sold under false pretenses. The established law is being rewritten on the fly in an attempt to punish Jones.

“The only appropriate punitive damages award in this case is the largest award within the court’s power,” the families’ attorneys said in the filing. “The defendants have acted willfully, maliciously, and evilly, in full knowledge of the harm they are causing people who had no means to fight back, except to bring this case.”

Even though the system is now openly conspiring to destroy Jones, he continues to build his following and cement his status as a legend among the Populist Right.

Big League Politics has reported on Jones gaining more mainstream acceptance due to many of his dark prophecies coming to fruition:

Infowars host Alex Jones received a standing ovation while appearing via video at a Turning Point USA event about the need to oppose Great Reset over the weekend.

“Alex, welcome remotely. I was told by all of the people. They go, ‘You can’t have Alex at your event,’ which makes me just want to have Alex even more!” Kirk said…

Alex Jones has been pressured in recent months through malicious civil court cases that make a mockery of the 1st Amendment from a biased court system that is throwing out generations of established jurisprudence in an attempt to railroad his media operation.

The maliciousness, vindictiveness and greed of the Sandy Hook parents cannot be understated. They are openly waging war against the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Although they cannot stop Jones from having his message disseminated to millions of people, they hope they can dissuade others and set the precedent to chill freedom of speech with these ridiculous judgments. They (and the scum attorneys putting them up to this lawfare) should be ashamed of themselves.

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