Sandy Hook Victim’s Brother Slams Fake News For Claiming He Supports Gun Control

Sandy Hook Brother Slams Fake News

JT Lewis, a school safety advocate who pushes for armed guards in public schools, slammed fake news after Huffington Post wrongly claimed he supported gun control legislation.

Only days before meeting with President Donald J. Trump to discuss the importance of securing schools with armed guards, Lewis posted a tweet remembering the tragic loss he felt after losing his brother in the 2014 Sandy Hook school shooting.

Huffington Post, with its typical tunnel vision, assumed that when Lewis stressed the importance of making sure “local schools are secure,” he was advocating gun control legislation. Lewis discovered the article months later, and slammed the article, which got his name wrong as well as the point of his tweet, as a “prime example of Fake News.”

Showing their complete lack of investigative scruples, the Huffington Post journalist apparently failed to realize that Lewis is not only an advocate of armed guards in schools who never spoke or wrote about dismantling the Second Amendment in an attempt to make schools safer, he met with President Trump who agreed with his stance on the critical issue. President Trump then invited Lewis to the Oval Office for a photo.

Underscoring his pro-second amendment, pro-armed guard views, Lewis has also slammed Democrat Senators Chris Murphey and Dick Blumenthal for refusing to acknowledge the merits of armed guards in schools, saying they are “bashing” his “hard work.”

Perhaps it should be no surprise that Huffington Post was hit with a round of layoffs at the same time as Buzzfeed and other fake news outlets earlier this year.

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