SANITY: Italian Council Plans to Ban Gender Bending Drugs for Kids

Italian Council Gender Bending Drugs

As the majority of the West continues to sink into depravity to please the most radical elements of the LGBTQ agenda, a Northern Italian council is planning to ban the use of gender altering drugs on children.

While North Americans argue about whether a pre-operation trans person has the right to force a Brazilian salon to wax male genitalia, Italians are working toward making it impossible for children to be given hormone changing drugs that could permanently stunt their development should they later come to the conclusion they are not transgendered.

In fact, these drugs may do much more harm than good, as the vast majority of children suffering gender dysphoria will lose the feelings as they approach adulthood.

Voice of Europe reported:

These drugs prevent normal sexual development in adolescents.

The council’s motion clearly states that “puberty is not a disease” and therefore shouldn’t be prevented with medications or surgery that can produce irreversible effects. The motion also mentions the long-term negative effects of drugs containing the hormone-altering chemical triptorelin.

The motion reads, “There is no evidence, in fact of the effective full restoration of fertility in the case of withdrawal from treatment,” and cites data from the American College of Pediatricians which states that as many as 98% of minors outgrow their gender dysphoria or the feeling that one’s biological sex doesn’t match up with one’s gender expression).

Meanwhile in the United States, the mother of a transgendered child is pledging to take her son’s case to the Supreme Court after a public school forced him to attend therapy and receive gender bending drugs.

Big League Politics reported:

A Minnesota mother whose ‘transgender’ son was plied with drugs and given a surgical procedure with help from government officials without her approval wants to take her lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Thomas More Society is representing Anmarie Calgaro, who alleges that government officials in St. Louis County referred her son to health care providers for treatment for his gender transition. Calgaro believes this infringed upon her due process rights and effectively “ended her parental control over her minor son without a court order of emancipation.”

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” Thomas More Society special counsel Erick Kaardal said.

While parents continue to push back against the gender-bending disasters happening across the country and the public schools and government encourages it, it appears the rest of the world may be taking a decidedly different approach to the issue.

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