SANITY: Trump Judicial Appointee Refuses to Use Transgender Child Predator’s Preferred Pronouns in Court

Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, who was appointed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Donald Trump, struck back against transgender insanity on Wednesday in a court case.

Norman Varner, a man who pleaded guilty to child porn charges in 2012, has since come out as transgender. He now demands special rights due to his gender transition, which he announced in 2015. He demanded that the court use female pronouns to address him, and call him by his preferred name of “Katherine Nicole Jett.”

Duncan was having none of it while writing his majority opinion about the case.

“Norman Varner, federal prisoner # 18479-078, appeals the denial of his motion to change the name on his judgment of confinement to “Katherine Nicole Jett.” The district court denied the motion as meritless. We conclude that the district court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the motion and so vacate the court’s judgment. In conjunction with his appeal, Varner also moves that he be addressed with female pronouns. We will deny that motion,” Judge Duncan wrote.

He added that “no authority supports the proposition that we may require litigants, judges, court personnel, or anyone else to refer to gender-dyshoric litigants with pronouns matching their subjective gender identity.”

“We decline to enlist the federal judiciary in this quixotic undertaking,” Judge Duncan concluded.

In a dissent to the majority opinion on the case, Judge James Dennis – a liberal appointee of former President Bill Clinton – claimed that Judge Duncan’s “advisory opinion is inappropriate, unnecessary, and beyond the purview of federal courts.”

Liberals are complaining about the supposed callousness of Judge Duncan’s opinion on social media as well, believing that the convicted child molester’s delusions should be coddled by the judiciary:

However, Judge Duncan’s points are relevant in an age where transgender insanity is enabling predators throughout the country. Transgender criminals are claiming that they should be placed in confinement with the opposite gender because they have supposedly undergone their alleged transitions.

The LGBT movement is now suing to effectively end gender-based incarceration, and open pandora’s box for predators:

The Transgender Law Center and law firm King & Greisen filed the suit in late November on behalf of approximately 170 transgender women, alleging systemic abuse inside Colorado’s male prisons in violation of the state’s anti-discrimination act. The suit also claims that the Colorado Department of Corrections, known as CDOC, has discriminated against transgender women solely on the basis of their gender identity.

Seven trans women came forward to serve as “class representatives” in the case. Their names are Kandice Raven, Jane Gallentine, Taliyah Murphy, Amber Miller, Megan Gulley, Lavinya Karpierz and Cupcake Rivers.

Each of these women has gender dysphoria, a clinical condition that the American Psychiatric Association defines as the significant distress that accompanies the incongruence between a transgender person’s gender identity and their assigned sex. The APA does not consider being transgender as a disability; however, this distress is considered a disability. While incarcerated, some trans women have gone as far as attempting suicide or self-castration as means to deal with their severe gender dysphoria. This is why the lawsuit also calls for appropriate medical and mental health care for transgender women behind bars.

The Trump administration’s remaking of the judiciary is already paying dividends, as Judge Duncan refuses to bow to the transgender agenda in the 5th District courts.

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