Sargon On YouTube Suspension: Extremists View Me As A Threat

Earlier today, Google suspended Sargon of Akkad, a pro-free speech classical liberal who has crusaded against the social justice warrior culture that is prevalent among many leftists. The tech giant gave no other reason besides the ambiguous claim that he “violated Google’s policies.”

This move by Google leaves Sargon with zero access to his popular YouTube account, which has amassed over 200,000,000 video views and around 760,000 subscribers to his channel.

I reached out to Sargon of Akkad about Google’s move, who spoke exclusively with Big League Politics:

“I think it’s because extremists on the right pose no actual threat to the extremists on the left, whereas centrist classical liberal ideas really do,” Sargon stated. “When it comes to the left’s racial collectivism and animus against white people, a fair-minded individualist anti-racist mindset is infinitely more preferable.”

The fact that Google couldn’t even give a reason for his suspension brings up a ton of questions about the motives behind his targeting. It is also highly confusing considering the fact that actual extremists continue to actively use the platform. Active channels on YouTube include white nationalist Richard Spencer’s website and violent Antifa groups like Redneck Revolt, who have provided “guerrilla warfare training” to their members. Sargon of Akkad has been vocal about his opposition to both groups, even having a debate with Richard Spencer.

Censorship of those with unpopular, usually conservative views, is not a new thing on the platform. Conservative educational outfit PragerU even sued YouTube after it was uncovered that their videos were being restricted, despite following all community standards.

While YouTube generally targets conservatives, this action makes it clear that even liberals aren’t safe from their targeting if they have views that don’t match up with the norm. Sargon of Akkad does not fit the leftist stereotype that groups like antifa promote. Sargon actually believes strongly in free speech and is a fierce opponent of social justice warriors.

It is clear to any reasonable person that Sargon of Akkad is in no way a dangerous person. He may have some beliefs that ruffle some feathers, but his belief system has no violent undertones like many who are still allowed to use the platform.

UPDATE: Sargon of Akkad has regained access to his Google account. 

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