SAT Test Organization College Board is in Bed with the Chinese Communist Party

According to a report from Campus Reform, College Board has ties to Confucius Institutes.

These cultural promotion organizations have connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

In recent months, Confucius Institutes have received increased scrutiny from American intelligence agencies and members of Congress for spreading Chinese propaganda at American universities.

Campus Reform reported that over 70 Confucius Institutes are still operating in the U.S.  Universities receiving taxpayer money have been under the microscope and have been subject to increased pressure to shut down their Confucius Institutes as evidence has surfaced that China has not been fully transparent as the Wuhan virus started to spread throughout China and the rest of the world.

Thousands of Americans have died as a result, while countless jurisdictions have been compelled to implement harsh lockdown measures.

National Pulse highlighted that College Board is transparent about its connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

One of the most notable programs the College Board pushes is the Chinese Language and Culture Initiatives.

It’s Chinese Guest Teacher Program is a notable fixture. According to its description, the program serves as a way to “help U.S. schools develop Chinese language and culture study programs and to promote international exchange between the United States and China.”

The College Board explained that Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, is what allowed this program to flourish.

“Made possible through a collaboration between College Board and Hanban, the program has grown to be the largest Chinese visiting teacher program in the U.S. Each year, the program serves hundreds of K–12 schools and districts nationwide and reaches tens of thousands of U.S. students” the College Board noted.

The College Board explained that the teachers who are involved in the program, are “from China” and undergo “a rigorous selection and training process before arriving at the host schools.” U.S. schools that participate in the program are “responsible for providing a partial salary to the guest teacher.”

The rest of the salary is “subsidized by a stipend from Hanban.”

The College Board also pushes the “Chinese Bridge Delegation to China”, which is characterized as a “weeklong program in China to help educators start or strengthen their institution’s Chinese programs and partnerships.”

Activities for the K-12 teacher program consist of “establish[ing] meaningful partnerships with Chinese local schools and networks with U.S. colleagues, attend[ing] presentations on best practices and gather resources to build and support Chinese language and culture programs,” and “experienc[ing] the rich traditional culture set against stunning modern development.” Similar to the Chinese Guest Teacher Program, the China Bridge Delegation to China “is made possible by Hanban,” the Confucius Institute headquarters.

Most Americans are tired of never-ending wars and global machinations abroad, so it makes sense that American policymakers get more creative in their approach with dealing with China.

Some reasonable alternatives would consist of strictly limiting Chinese migration, defunding and closing down Confucius Institutes, and remilitarizing countries such as Japan and South Korea as a way to contain China’s influence.


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