Saudi Arabia is Working to Normalize Relations with Syria

According to a Bloomberg report, Saudi Arabia is currently working to politically re-incorporate Syria into the Arab world as far as diplomatic relations go.

Such a move would deal blow to the United States, which has tried to isolate Syria as much as possible from other Arab states. In some respects, this move would represent a victory for Iran and Russia — both of whom have been some of Syria’s strongest allies. 

The Saudi’s latest moves would allow the Arab League organization to lift the suspension of Syria’s membership just before a summit in Riyadh slated for the middle of May, per reports from individuals briefed by Saudi authorities and another individual with close ties to the government of the United Arab Emirates, who is also in favor of this plan. 

Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,  Saudi Arabia is working to establish itself as the pre-imminent economic and diplomatic power of the Arab world. To ensure economic stability, the Saudis are now working to calm tensions in several conflict zones across the Middle East. 

Saudi Arabia and Iran recently normalized diplomatic relations, with the latter looking to get back in good graces with the Arab world. Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Syria has been Iran’s most stable ally in the Arab world. Iran has sent military and economic aid to the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, much to the chagrins of Israel and the US. 

Syria was initially kicked out of the Arab League in 2011 after Assad’s controversial crackdown carried out against protesters when the Arab Spring kicked off that year. The Saudis joined other states in the region and the Collective West in breaking diplomatic ties with Syria at the time. These countries backed opposition forces against the Assad regime, while Iran and its proxy militias in Iraq and Lebanon, in addition to Russia, all helped prop up the Syrian regime for their part. 

At the United Nations Security Council, China and Russia scuttled all efforts to sanction the Assad regime, which compelled the US and the European Union to impose unilateral sanctions against the Syrian regime. 

However, in the multipolar era things have changed. Recognizing that the US and its satrapies in the Collective West, specialize in the art of “divide and rule”, Middle Eastern countries are realizing that working among themselves in a constructive manner is the best way to secure regional stability. Getting the US involved in these matters is just asking for all sorts of problems.

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