Savage: Students for Life of America Sends Personal Invitation to Ralph Northam for Gosnell Movie Showing

Students for Life of America is hosting a showing of Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer to over 90 college campuses nationwide next Monday.

After the events that transpired in New York with the state passing the most radical abortion bill in history, along with Virginia Governor Northam advocating infanticide, SFLA President Kristan Hawkins sent Northam his personal invitation – and it’s the most savage invitation ever.

February 13, 2019

Dear Governor Northam,

Students for Life of America would like to formally extend an invitation for you to attend a screening of the Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer movie this coming Monday, February 18th, at 7:00 PM at University of Mary Washington, hosted by University of Mary Washington Students for Life.

The movie tells of the true story of what happens when abortionists are given wide latitude to determine which babies born alive during an abortion deserve medical care and which do not. We understand that there might be some complicated portions of the movie, but don’t worry, after the movie a discussion will ensue about what happened next.

Based off your clear understanding of medical ethics, we thought you would love to attend this movie. It stars people like Dean Cain, Alfonzo Rachel, and Josh Billings.

Note: When you see AlfonZo Rachel and Earl Billings, please be aware you are not looking at your medical school yearbook, they are actually African-Americans.

Finally, as the Governor of Virginia, what better opportunity for your “listening tour” than to visit a Virginia public college, named for the mother of George Washington, in a town that has also served as a key historical location for people and events like John Paul Jones, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and the Civil War.

If you can attend the screening please reply promptly so further arrangements can be made.


Kristan Hawkins

President, Students for Life of America

Talk about a mic drop moment.

Hawkins describes the importance in showing the movie across college campuses:

“The Gosnell movie shows what happens when the law fails to step in and protect human life, whether at the state or federal level. This movie is needed now more than ever, at a time when the Cuomo-Northam Democratic Party are pushing to repeal any protections for preborn babies and babies who are born alive during an abortion, at the behest of their Planned Parenthood donors.”

While Governor Northam has not yet responded to SFLA personal invitation to view the film, he certainly can live stream it from the groups Facebook page. There will be a live Q & A with the filmmakers of Gosnell on Monday, February 18th at 6 pm PST/ 9pm EST from California State University.