Savannah Mayor Wants to Destroy Gun Rights in Georgia

On August 22, 2023, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson stood by his plan to put forward a city ordinance subjecting gun owners to fines for not properly securing their firearms in cars.

“It is my intention to introduce an ordinance for the City of Savannah, we’re not going to wait for the state, we’re going to do what’s right for Savannah,” Johnson stated.

Per the mayor, that ordinance would mandate Savannah residents to securely store their guns and keep them from being visible when left unattended in vehicles.

On top of that, it would mandate gun owners to report the theft or loss of a gun within a 24 hour timeframe. 

“We believe individual gun owners should not leave their guns in cars. If you’re out, and you’re all over the place and you can’t bring your gun into any place, then the gun is not helping you being in the car.”

Johnson says the aim of this measure is to make it more difficult for criminals to illegally acquire guns

Dick Berman, the head instructor at Thunderbolt Firearms Training, agrees that all guns left unattended in vehicles should be properly stored in a lock box.  However, he is skeptical on how effective this new measure will be when it comes to stopping gun crime.

“If you don’t lock your car up, it’s irresponsible behavior. I don’t know how you can correct that by fining somebody after the fact. It’s still not going to stop the people that are irresponsible,”  Berman stated.

Georgia is a relatively pro-gun state, In 2022, Governor Brian Kemp signed Constitutional Carry into law, which helped solidify the state’s pro-gun image. According to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owner rankings, Georgia is ranked in 13th place for best states for gun owners. 

However, all of that progress could go to waste if lawmakers allow pro-gun control politicians to carve out anti-gun safe spaces at the local level. These nefarious forces know that they can’t always pass gun control at the state level in red states. But they’ll get creative by establishing power bases at the local level. 

As they say, all politics is political. If we can’t keep our backyards safe from leftist subversives, what makes us believe that we can keep red states from falling into leftist hands? 

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