SCANDAL: Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Go Down the Drain as Baltimore City Schools Continue Underperforming

Unveiling another astonishing revelation from the ongoing education crisis within Baltimore City, investigative journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News’ Project Baltimore recently exposed massive corruption taking place within the Baltimore City Schools system. 

In a post on X, Papst highlighted the following:  

STUNNING: Baltimore City Schools received 29 federal Covid grants totaling $799M to fight learning loss. Yet, in 2023, just 9.1% of all 3rd-8th graders tested proficient in math. MEANING, taxpayers gave an additional $799M and 91% of Baltimore students are NOT math proficient.

According to a post by Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, the state of Maryland is among the highest spending states in the country. Baltimore City, in particular, has the fourth largest school district budget in the country. 

Despite additional Wuhan Virus funds being sent to the city, it still couldn’t improve its math test scores.  

In early 2023, Papst discovered that 23 schools in the Baltimore metropolitan area had no students who were skilled in math. 

Over the last seven years, Pabst’s investigative team has been investigating corruption in Baltimore City’s school district. 

Such corruption is commonplace among government schooling systems. It’s not just isolated. It’s usually present at all levels of government. No amount of money can fix institutions that are bureaucratic in nature and have student body demographics that aren’t conducive to academic success. 

What the US needs, especially in its inner cities, is an education system cleansed of leftism in addition to competition among educational institutions becoming the way education policy is handled.

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