Scary Times Ahead: Roger Stone Admits Its ‘Entirely Possible’ Trump Ends Up in Prison

Michael Ares/ZUMA

Right-wing political operative Roger Stone, who was pardoned by President Donald Trump after a deep state railroading, thinks the current president could be arrested after he leaves office.

Trump is being widely blamed for a mostly-peaceful protest that descended upon the Capitol last week. Five people have been reported dead in the aftermath, resulting in many spineless Republicans moving to throw the president under the bus.

“The law is only for Republicans,” Stone said. “The only people who get prosecuted are people like me and General Flynn. Meanwhile, people like James Comey and Andrew McCabe and John Brennan and others, unprosecuted. On that basis, yes, I think he could be in jeopardy.”

Even though Stone believes that the president has done nothing wrong and said nothing to incite violence, that is not likely to matter. The Deep State is determined on revenge, and Trump will likely be sacrificed to show Americans that they are peasants who have no stake in their country.

Stone full interview with RT’s “Eat the Press” can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the biblical fall-out since the demonstration despite the fact that the vast majority of Trump supporters were polite and well-behaved while making their stand:

The fake news media spin machine has gone into high gear since Wednesday, painting enthusiastic Trump supporters in and around the Capitol as domestic terrorists who waged an insurrection against Congress.

However, new footage released on social media shows that this was not the case. Protesters can be seen being let into Congress by Capitol Police, who may have been ordered to stand down or perhaps just stood down when faced with thousands and thousands of patriots.

One America News Network anchor and pro-Trump attorney Christina Bobb posted the footage on Twitter…

Journalist Jamie Dupree noted that what happened was an apparent breach in protocol by Capitol police…

Another picture shows many pro-Trump people in the Capitol lined up in orderly fashion to make their peaceful protest in the Capitol against government overreach…

Certain grassroots activists are calling on President Trump to pardon individuals who are charged with crimes as the deep state attempt to crucify patriotic supporters and put down an uprising…

Big League Politics has reported on how the media has manipulated public opinion to demonize protesters as a violent threat when in actuality they were the ones getting brutalized and even killed for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

The crackdown will continue in the days to come and worsen dramatically after Biden is coronated the next president.

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