Scotland Stops Releasing Data on COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations, Fearing It Will Empower ‘Antivaxxers’

A nurse administers a pediatric dose of the Covid-19 inoculation Wednesday to a girl in Los Angeles. A new California proposal would allow children age 12 and up to be inoculated without their parents’ consent. Robyn Beck / AFP via Getty Images

The public health authority of Scotland has announced they will stop publishing data on COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations because they believe that accurate data empowers so-called “antivaxxers.”

They published their final report on Wednesday, claiming that they will now only let out data that is more “robust” and complex that will demonstrate the effectiveness of vaccines. In other words, they will produce propaganda meant to bolster the vaccine regime.

“The main important point around all of the analysis is we understand whether the vaccines are working against catching it and against getting severe Covid, and that’s where the vaccine effectiveness studies come in which are a completely different methodology,” an official with Public Health Scotland (PHS) said.

“The case rates, hospitalization rates, the death rates are very simple statistics, whereas for the vaccine effectiveness studies we use modeling, we compare people who have tested negative to those who have tested positive and match them on their underlining co-morbidities,” the PHS goon continued.

“It’s a completely different method which is much more robust and that’s what we want people to focus on.” they added.

Big League Politics has reported on the extreme cruelty of the vaccine regime, which is resulting in record profits for monolithic pharmaceutical corporations:

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is expecting $54 billion in profits from COVID-19 treatments and vaccines this year as the brain-addled public lines up to be hoodwinked over and over after being subjected to mass hysteria propaganda for years.

They expect an astonishing $32 billion in revenue for their vaccinations as well as an additional $22 billion in revenue from Paxlovid, their antiviral COVID-19 treatment pill that is being pushed instead of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Pfizer’s revenue nearly doubled to $81.3 billion last year from $41.6 billion in 2020. They have a tremendous financial incentive to keep the hysteria going, even if COVID-19 no longer poses a major threat to the public. Consumer watchdogs are sounding the alarm about the corrupt motives of this monolithic drug corporation.

“The development of mRNA vaccines should have revolutionized the global COVID response. But we’ve let Pfizer withhold this essential medical innovation from much of the world, all while ripping off public health systems with an eye-watering mark-up,” said Tim Bierley of Global Justice Now, who accused Pfizer of behavior that is “nothing short of pandemic profiteering.”

“Right now, there are billions of people who cannot access COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Many are in countries with the facilities needed to manufacture mRNA jabs, but Pfizer’s jealous guarding of its patent stands in the way. And we’re seeing thousands of preventable deaths each day as a result,” Bierley added.

First, they said that disinformation was a threat to the vaccine regime. Now, they are saying that accurate information is a threat to the vaccine regime. It is time to just admit that the vaccine regime has failed and to deliver swift justice to the government and corporate criminals who have perpetrated this heinous crime against mankind.

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