Scottsdale School Board President Compiled Invasive Dossier on Parents, Students Opposed to Masks and CRT in Schools

Photo by Arianna Grainey

The President of the Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona has been implicated in the compilation of an invasive dossier amassing personal details on parents and children who oppose the teaching of anti-white critical race theory indoctrination in schools. Jann-Michael Greenburg had access to a computer on which his father, Mark Greenburg compiled the dossier.

The compilation appears to have been shared by “progressive” parents seeking to amass dirt on community members opposing SUSD’s teaching of CRT and the forced masking of children in schools. It leaked to the opposition earlier this week, with images of the dossier revealing parent’s homes and identifying children for political purposes.

The dossier even included documents revealing the social security numbers of CRT and mask critics, a major impropriety with criminal and ethical implications.

Scottsdale parents, who have aroused the ire of establishment school board members through increased activism and oversight of the city’s schools in recent months, are demanding Greenburg resign. One parent running for the Scottsdale school board is demanding Greenburg’s resignation, accusing him of compiling the “dirt” as a means to lash back at his prominent critics on social media.

“I am calling for the immediate resignation of our board president Jann-Michael Greenburg. We cannot allow anyone in a leadership position to secretly compile personal documents and information on moms and dads who have dared speak out publicly or on social media about their grievances with the district,” said Amy Carney on Wednesday.

The Scottsdale Unified School District sent an email to parents claiming that their personal information was secure, contrasting with analysis of the files found in the Greenburg family Google Drive.

Greenburg blasphemed Jesus Christ in remarks expressing his contempt for his critics recorded earlier this year.

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