SCOTUS Denies House Dems, Hands Trump Another Victory in Battle Against Fake Russia Probe

Democrats in the House of Representatives had their request to see previously unreleased documents from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into wither there was collaboration between Russia and the Trump administration  denied Wednesday by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Originally in 2019 the House Democrats requested the sealed documentations from the Mueller probe, which includes grand jury testimony, as they prepared for the impeachment hearings and proceedings against President Trump. The Democrats have suggested that the grand jury materials could reveal new misconduct that could potentially form the basis of new articles of impeachment.In March of this year the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit agreed with the the Democrat lead House Judiciary Committee and called for the release of the documents.

In response to the demand both the White House and the Department of Justice asked the Supreme Court to block access to the documentation.

In a brief to the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Noel Francisco alleged that the Democrat majority Congress had no need to see the documents since President Trump had already been impeached and acquitted. Francisco also noted that no indication had been provided by the House Judiciary Committee or the House of Representatives that another impeachment would be happening in the future.

The high court’s action will keep the documents out of congressional hands at least until the case is resolved, which is not likely to happen before 2021. The delay is a victory for President Trump, who also is mounting a court fight against congressional efforts to obtain his banking and other financial records. Those cases are expected to be decided in the coming days or weeks.



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