SCRIPTED: CNN Refuses to Let Student Who Saved Lives Ask Pro-Gun Question

Colton Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School saved lived during last week’s shooting that left 17 people dead. But when he had questions for CNN’s Town Hall with lawmakers about the shooting, CNN refused to let him ask the question, and instead gave him a scripted question. Haab refused to attend the Town Hall for that reason.

(SOURCE: Local 10 News – WPLG)

During the shooting, when most students were running for cover, Haab jumped into action. Once he assessed the situation and realized what was going on, he began gathering students into a classroom, and he covered them in Kevlar mats that can both hide the students, and slow bullets if shot. Kevlar is a soft material often used in bullet proof vests.

Haab’s actions were heroic, and likely saved lives that day.┬áBut despite his heroism, CNN still refused to give him a chance to say what he wanted, and instead wanted to force him read a scripted question.

That likely had to do with the fact that Haab didn’t buy into the anti-gun narrative that dominated the Town Hall. Following the shooting, Haab told Fox News that if his football coach, which was one of the 17 who died, had the ability to carry a gun that he “could’ve stopped the threat.” Colton Haab has also suggested using armed veterans as security at schools.

It’s clear that CNN had a strong anti-gun narrative in the entire Town Hall, with virtually every question asked being about gun control, and with the entire crowd booing after any pro-gun statement.

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