Sean Hannity Just Keeps Promoting Neocon Mueller Fan Lindsey Graham

Fox News host Sean Hannity just can’t get enough Lindsey Graham, heavily promoting the establishment South Carolina senator as Graham works to protect special counsel Robert Mueller and undermine President Trump’s desire to pull troops out of Syria.

Hannity, who follows populist journalist Tucker Carlson on the Fox primetime lineup, frequently has Graham on his 9 PM show, bolstering Graham’s image with a MAGA movement that outright hated the neocon senator during the 2016 campaign (Graham even got booed at Trump rallies in South Carolina).

Graham has managed to use the official Blue Check Conservative wing of the Republican Party to fashion himself as a MAGA guy, which deflects criticism away from him as he plays a key role in trying to get amnesty for DREAMers as part of a Wall deal. This was not necessary because the Democrats had no collateral in their shutdown negotiations with President Trump. Additionally, Graham is on a quest to protect Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, both by fighting for a Protect Mueller bill and also ensuring that attorney general nominee William Barr is a good personal friend of Mueller.

Nevertheless, Hannity keeps having him on and plugging his works. Here are two new Graham-plugging tweets in the space of three hours Thursday.

When globalist Jared Kushner was vying to become White House chief of staff — a job that thankfully went to Mick Mulvaney — Sean Hannity was there to give Jared a boost.

Despite all of Hannity’s supposed yeoman’s work for President Trump, the major Deep State conspirators from “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” have yet to be held legally accountable for their actions, and President Trump’s agenda is constantly being undermined by members of his own administration. Can anything be done about Deep State corruption, even after all these years of Hannity coverage?

Hannity’s populist credentials include being a landlord who owns “tens of millions of dollars'” worth of housing units through limited liability companies. Hannity as landlord¬†jacks up the rent on poor black people, with tenants in one African-American neighborhood reporting 50 percent rate hikes under Landlord Sean.

Evictions in one Georgia complex increased 400 percent during Hannity’s Mr. Roper-style tenure.

Hannity made his bones at Fox by shilling for the George W. Bush administration’s Iraq War. For a good look at his populist nationalist credentials, which include televised arguments with populist nationalist leader Pat Buchanan, just check out his interview with “powerful ally” John McCain from 2003, when Hannity was still part of a tag team with Alan Colmes. Hannity was not a fan of Bush and Tony Blair going back to the UN for approval for their war, which — according to most sources — did not turn out to be a very good thing for the American people.

Here’s Donald Rumsfeld as late as 2011:

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