Sean Hannity Sucks Up To Donna Brazile During Her First Appearance As Fox Employee

Donna Brazile First Appearance Hannity

During her first appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” as an employee of the once conservative news network, host Sean Hannity spent the first minute or so of the segment attempting to endear himself to the former DNC chairwoman.

Hannity had Brazile on as a guest last night, in what represents her first appearance on Fox News as a paid employee. He spent the first few minutes of the interview stroking her ego and virtue signalling about Fox News’ commitment to having on air personalities with diverse opinions.

As he announced her, Brazile stopped him in the first few seconds and said “First of all you should say, ‘Welcome Donna!'” This prompted Hannity to spend the next minute or so feeding the ego of the scandalized Democrat.

“I’ve known you for years. We have had a very friendly, I would say, cordial relationship,” said Hannity. “We’ve met at a lot of debates, we’ve met at a lot of conventions. We always have a good time. We ask how each other are doing, and we never agree on much, do we?”

He then added “By the way, just for being on this show you will get in trouble with some Democrats. ‘Why are you on Hannity’s show, why do you talk to him, he’s not a nice guy!’ Then you’re going to have to tell them, well he’s not that bad.”

Brazile then noted her previous appearances on Hannity before becoming a Fox News employee, when he allowed her to advertise her new book.

Hannity then expressed his gleefulness at Fox News’ having “varying opinions.”

“Well welcome to the Fox News Channel, and for those that say we don’t have varying opinions, I could go down the list,” said Hannity, “and if I do I’ll probably get in trouble, so I’m going to stay away from trouble for once in my life.”

The Fox News host then attempted to start the “lightning round” discussion Brazile was brought on the show to have, only to have her refuse to provide straight answers to his questions for the next 10 minutes.

Brazile was hired by the formerly conservative news network in the immediate wake of the suspension of Judge Jeanine Pirro, who the network threw under the bus after she questioned whether possibly anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s apparent adherence to Sharia Law makes her unable to perform her duties and uphold the United States Constitution.

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