Seattle is Losing Police Officers as Crime Rate Rises 

According to a report by 770 KTTH, Seattle is witnessing police officers leaving its police force left and right.

“We’re screwed,” former King County Sheriff John Urqhart stated, per 770 KTTH.

In addition, 770 KTTH reported that 122 officers have exited the Seattle Police force in 2022 per a law enforcement force. In August, 6 officers left in August. 

The Daily Caller reported that the city council voted in favor of a measure to defund the city’s police department back in 2020. Since then, 500 police officers have left the ranks of the Seattle Police department.

Per a report by the Seattle Times, the city experienced 11 homicides in August, which is the largest monthly figure on record that dates back to 2008.

“There’s been a mass exodus of policing. The profession itself is almost on its last breath. And what happens is that criminals fill the void when there’s no law enforcement,” Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan said to Jason Rantz on KTTH.

“And when you connect to funding, and then you connect the reform laws that were just absolutely catastrophic to our communities, This is the sad result. And who ends up paying the price? Our communities,” Solan stated.

The police union reported that there were only 877 deployable officers in the final week of August. Solan believes that there needs to be roughly 1,400 to 1,500 police officers so that public order is maintained in the city. An understaffed police force could be a major risk to the city’s public safety in Solan’s view. 

“It’s going to take at least a decade, at a minimum, to get to the level of 1400 to 1500 people at a minimum,” Solan declared. “And that doesn’t bode well for the current officers that are here, in terms of having a safe environment to work in. And then I think, more importantly, it’s the community that we serve professionally on a daily basis. This crime surge is here, and it’s real, and it’s only going to get worse.”

In addition to the police officers already leaving the force, there’s 350 officers who will be eligible for retirement at the end of 2022, per the 770 KTTH report. 

Currently, the union is attempting to obtain contracts for officers due to how they are not working under contract, Solan highlighted.

“[Signing a contract] would be retaining your current people, which would then entice laterals or new recruits to come in because you have a fair wage that was up to today’s standards. The other option is, don’t have anything and you lose… it would decimate this department. And I don’t know how the city moves forward,” Solan concluded.

That’s how the cookie is crumbling in the urban jungle that is Clown World USA. BLP has reported on the soft-on-crime policies that mark many cities across the nation, which have naturally witnessed significant rises in crime. The good news is that the deposition of negligent district attorneys such as Chesa Boudin shows that there are still groups of people who can be riled up and directed to the polls to dish out damage against the cultural Left.

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