Seattle Police Agree to Provide Concrete Barriers to Replace CHAZ Border Walls

In a display of submission to left-wing and anarchists rioters and secessionists, the Seattle Police have agreed to provide a set of concrete barriers to replace the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone’s border wall fencing.

Fox News reported on the treaty between the City of Seattle and CHAZ representatives on Tuesday.

The Seattle Department of Transportation will install concrete barriers running east and west on Pine Street. The barriers will supposedly allow emergency vehicles into the autonomous zone and separate pedestrian and motorized traffic.

The agreement between the city and protestors will supposedly reduce the footprint of the autonomous zone from six city blocks to three. The occupation of a considerable portion had posed a public safety risk to residents of downtown Seattle, with police and emergency services having difficulty responding to 911 calls. The Seattle Police has been seen humbly requesting that the anarchists administering CHAZ allow them to reoccupy a precinct station that had been taken over by CHAZ when the zone was created.

A contingent of the anarchists and leftists of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone are currently trying to rebrand the occupied area as the Capital Hill Organized Protest, walking back the previous claims of active secession from the United States. However, not every so-called citizen of the independent territory is on board with the name change, and the leftist utopia has no organized means to enact the name change.

Seattle’s mayor continues to tolerate and pander to the dangerous left-wing anarchist commune, taking performative rhetorical shots at Donald Trump instead of enforcing the law and breaking up the embarrassment to her city. Reports of assaults, thefts, and even rapes continue to emanate from the lawless anarchist commune.

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