Seattle To “Pay The Price” As Unvaccinatted Officers Face Termination, Defunding Movement Intensifies

Seattle has been a fountainhead of liberal brain farts for the last few decades and seems to show no signs of relinquishing that much-vaunted title. With each subsequent cohort, the Emerald City appears to slip further and further out of touch from reality, a trend held up by the woke corporations that supply many of the globalist regime’s footsoldiers with the financial means to perpetuate their delusions. Most recently, it would appear that the city that routinely topped rankings as one of the most livable large cities in America is bent on fulfilling its desires to dismantle any semblance of law and order it has left.

In an interview with Fox News, Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan talked about the impending public safety disaster that would befall the city should the termination threat for unvaccinated officers be followed through. Despite seeing crime spikes that rival that during the first few years in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the liberal bastion is adamant in its commitment to follow through with a 50% defunding of its police force following the mass disorder following the death of long time criminal George Floyd.

Solan asserted that the city government appears to be much less inclined to provide leniency to officers who refuse to submit to medical tyranny compared to other recent situations across the country simply because their termination will schedule perfectly with their goal of defunding the Seattle Police Department, despite the fact that Seattle is fast becoming a Third World island.

Solan went on to reluctantly conclude that the people who will be on the receiving end of the city’s shenanigans will inevitably be the ordinary residents themselves, who will potentially face massively increased wait times when dialing 911.

Unsurprisingly, this chain of events, among other reasons, has caused Seattlites to move out of the city in record numbers. While the domestic emigrants are still largely choosing to live within the state, it might be only a matter of time before Washington as a whole follows in California’s footsteps.

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