Seb Gorka Ruins NeoCon Nikki and Fan Club for Meeting with John Brennan

Sunday, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley upped her NeoCon street cred, posting a photo with George W. Bush’s Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former head CIA spook John Brennan.

“Great policy discussion on the future of our country with , , and Gen. Martin Dempsey, at the NBA All Stars Newsmakers Breakfast. Thank you Commissioner Adam Silver for all of the good work the continues to do!” she said on Twitter.

Immediately Haley – seen by some right-wingers who long for the days of losing every battle with liberals in order to be polite establishment conservatism of old as a future presidential candidate – began taking heat for the photo. She attached a Tweet explaining herself.

“I can’t control who I sit on a panel with. I can control how I communicate America’s strengths and our path forward. That is what I did,” she said.

That was not good enough for Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an ally of President Donald J. Trump, who took Haley and her fangirls to task.

“You do know that Brennan called the President YOU served until just a moment ago, ‘treasonous?'” he asked Haley in one Tweet.

He torched her lame excuse for meeting with Brennan, too.

“Of course you can. Where you led to the event in shackles?” he asked.

Daily Wire Twitter commentator Kassy Dillon jumped in to white knight for Haley, and Gorka took her to task, too.

“The people criticizing this are acting ridiculous. But it’s not like Nikki was just meeting with Brennan or posting a photo endorsing him. Condi is there too. I’d like to think that Nikki asked him some tough questions in their discussion,” Dillon said in a Tweet.

“Why is it ‘ridiculous’ to take issue with a former member of the Trump cabinet appearing with and posting such a tweet with a man who call’s her former boss ‘treasonous?’ he asked.

Dillon excused Haley because “we have no idea what that conversation entailed.” That wasn’t a good enough explanation for Gorka.

“Clearly you have no idea what the word treasonous means. Look it up,” he said.

There’s an old adage about being judged by the company you keep. Hanging around Bush II’s disastrous foreign policy people and one of the architects of the surveillance state who spied on the Trump campaign and now shills for the deep state on cable news – neither of whom fit the definition of “conservative” – was perhaps not the best play for Haley.

Generally, when considering a run for the highest office in the land, one shouldn’t create opposition research against oneself.

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