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Sebastian Gorka Blasts Trey Gowdy as ‘Grandstanding Fake’



A national security strategist and former strategist for President Donald J. Trump blasted Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) over Gowdy’s statements to the media regarding Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland tomorrow.

“This why I can’t take Gowdy seriously,” Gorka tweeted. “The ‘great prosecutor’ had Hillary testify on Benghazi & with what result? ZIP. Now his advice 2 [President Trump] is ask former KGB colonel Putin where he can “pick up” his GRU colleagues? What a grandstanding FAKE.”

Gorka has a point. Gowdy, once known for his sharp tongue and pointed questions during the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearings, has accomplished little in his time as a Congressman.

“I would ask the president to give some serious consideration, your first request of Vladimir Putin needs to be, ‘Tell us which airport we can pick up the 25 Russians that tried to interfere with the fundamentals of our democracy,'” Gowdy told Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein indicted 12 Russians on Friday over alleged “hacking” of the DNC during the 2016 campaign cycle.

But the fact remains: More than 700 days have passed since the “Russian collusion” narrative was first injected into the mainstream, and not one iota of evidence exists suggesting that Trump had anything to do with Russian meddling in the election.

Still, Gowdy wants to talk tough.

“If you really claim that you had nothing to do with it, then you should be as shocked as we were that your military being used to impact our election, tell us where your going to extradite those folks because an American grand jury indicted them for undermining our democracy.”

Of course, none of that has been proven either. An indictment is not an indication of guilt. And lest we forget, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller actually indicted a Russian company that does not exist as part of his partisan witch hunt.

Yet Gowdy, a prosecutor who should indeed be a bit skeptical, seems to be taking Mueller at his word and inferring guilt from an indictment.

Gowdy talked tough at the open hearing of disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok last week regarding pre-election bias in the nation’s highest law enforcement agency. Still, frustrated Americans have nothing to show for it.

He let Lisa Page, Strzok’s lover and confidante, also a disgraced FBI agent, ignore a congressional subpoena to appear before Congress on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton never faced any consequences for perjuring herself on live television during the very Benghazi hearings over which Gowdy presided, and has never been seriously investigated for any of the myriad of other misdeeds related to her scam charity, The Clinton Global Initiative.

Just another day in the swamp.

The Swamp

Bill Clinton Met Epstein Madame Ghislane Maxwell for ‘Intimate’ Private Dinner in Los Angeles in 2014

Clinton’s connections to Epstein are extensive.



Bill Clinton met Ghislane Maxwell in Los Angeles for an ‘intimate’ private dinner in 2014, according to new reporting published Tuesday by the Daily Beast.

The Beast quoted a source who supposedly previously worked for Bill Clinton and was incensed by his decision to meet with Maxwell. “This is an intimate dinner with Clinton in L.A…. Think of all the people he knows in L.A., and Ghislaine gets to attend.

The report also indicates that Clinton’s chief of staff, Jon Davidson, knew that the former Jeffrey Epstein madame was attending the private dinner, which he organized. Davidson declined to comment when asked about his connection to the event.

This dinner took place more than five years after Jeffrey Epstein escaped legal consequences for procuring a minor for prostitution, utilizing his elite connections to avoid any serious jail or prison time. Ben Schwerin, who is now a corporate executive for Snapchat, and talent agent Michael Kives were also present, which was held at Crossroads Kitchen.

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A Bill Clinton spokesperson declined to comment on the specific reports of meeting Maxwell for dinner in 2014, only denying that he knew anything of Jeffrey Epstein’s or Maxwell’s alleged sex crimes. The spokesman’s refusal to address the new reports of a 2014 Ghislane Maxwell meeting could be taken as an implicit admission that the dinner took place, years after Maxwell’s connection to Epstein’s infamous sex trafficking operation was publicly known.

Two verified former Epstein associates- one of whom was trafficked by the now-deceased pedophile billionaire- have spoken of personally seeing Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous ‘pedophile island’ of Little Saint James in the US Virgin Islands. Clinton strenuously denies the claims, made by Virginia Giuffre and former Epstein maintenance man Bill Scully.

Clinton’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell- who is currently incarcerated at a New York federal jail as she awaits trial for sex crimes related to Epstein’s empire- appear to be enduring and consistent over what may be decades. He has some serious answers to give on the nature of their relationship.

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