SEC Ends Investigation Into Rumble

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reached the conclusion that its probe into free speech video platform Rumble has not yielded any meaningful discoveries. As a result, the SEC will not pursue the investigation any further. 

The SEC’s investigation gained notable amounts of notoriety at the national level. This investigation was kicked off after allegations that  Rumble was engaging in the manipulation of viewer data. 

Journalist Glenn Greenwald argued that these assertions were ideologically motivated in nature.

Rumble was subjected to considerable scrutiny after claims emerged, which suggested irregularities in the way it reported data. The SEC’s involvement sparked a debate about the motivations behind the investigation, with some suggesting that it was not solely based on financial concerns but also ideological differences.

Greenwald described the conclusion of the SEC investigation ad a “huge win” for Rumble. He lambasted the alleged involvement of “scummy short sellers” and ideologically motivated individuals in kicking off the investigation. He believes that their claims were baseless.

Short sellers are investors who initially borrow a stock, sell it, and subsequently purchase it back later to return it in hopes of generating a profit from a reduction in the stock’s price.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds initially manifested concerns about the potential political motivation behind the SEC’s probe into Rumble. Donalds called attention to the timing of the SEC’s action during the 2024 presidential election cycle, and speculated that the probe could have been an attempt to reduce Rumble’s influence in the election. This is owing to Rumble being popular among political brands and influencers for its lax censorship and political commentary.

It’s good that the SEC is ending this politically motivated probe. It’s simply undeniable that the ruling class is trying to clamp down on Rumble.

The populist Right needs to coalesce around Rumble and promote politicians and legislation that protect the video sharing platform from unwanted forms of censorship.

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