Second Amendment Activist Kaitlin Bennett Smacks Down Parkland Gun-Grabbers at Rally

A pro-Second Amendment activist gave a rousing speech to at a rally inĀ Tallahassee, Florida today.

“I’m sick and tired of this gun control bullsh*t being spewed by these communists,” said Kaitlin Bennett to a roaring crowd. “They come from emotion, and I get the emotion, but I don’t get how they completely ignore the fact they they were in a gun free zone.”

Bennett became a viral hit online when she posted a graduation photo on the campus of Kent State University carrying an AR-10. She is a grassroots organizer for Liberty Hangout, a libertarian-leaning group.

“98 percent of mass shootings happen in a gun-free zone,” she said. “The government failed them that day – gun owners did not – the government did.”

Bennett said that when she talked to the Parkland student activists at the rally, they were “unapologetic” about wanting to ban firearms, while claiming to be pro-Second Amendment.

“Going forward in our activism, and especially young people, we need to be unapologetic, because they aren’t apologizing for anything,” she said. “We have given them an inch and they have taken a mile, and now my generation has to fight even harder to gain our rights back, because people have compromised on our most important right.”