Second Amendment Patriots Stop Mass Shooting, Take Out Gunman at Louisiana Gun Range

A man who opened fire at a Metairie, Louisiana gun range was neutralized by armed civilian patrons of the establishment on Saturday.

Three people were killed in the shootout at the Jefferson Gun Outlet, among them a gunman who entered the shooting range with an unholstered and loaded weapon.

According to preliminary reports, Jefferson Gun Outlet employees told the unidentified man that holding loaded weapons outside of the business’s shooting range wasn’t allowed, after which the gunman shot two people. The gunman was then engaged by two “several” patriots. It’s unclear if those who returned fire were employees of Jefferson’s or customers present at the range. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto has revealed that members of the community opened fire on the gunman from both inside and outside the range.

The two individuals shot by the gunman were pronounced dead, as was the shooter. Two other individuals have been transported to an area hospital, and it appears those injured may have been engaged in a shootout with the mass shooter.

If there weren’t armed civilians inside the gun range, Saturday’s events could’ve been much worse, with a homicidal gunman targeting a crowded business until law enforcement arrived.

You would have to be a idiot or suicidal to open fire at a shooting range and not expect Second Amendment patriots to return fire. A lengthy investigation is expected regarding the shootout, which is uncommon from a ballistic point of view. While the loss of two innocent lives is a tragedy, members of the Jefferson Parish community may have prevented a major mass casualty event.

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