Secretary of State Antony Blinken Orders LGBT Pride Flag Flown at US Embassies

President Biden’s Secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken has announced that he will fly LGBT pride flags at US embassies across the world once again, reversing a previous order from the Trump administration.

Outfront Magazine, which refers to itself as a “queer news publication,” reported that at his confirmation hearing in January, Blinken said the Biden administration will not only fly the LGBT pride flag on a greater scale, he will appoint an “envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTQ persons.” Outfront says this was a position created by Barack Obama in 2015 that was never filled by the Trump administration.

Blinken is motivated by both ideology and by allegedly increasing violence against LGBT people.

We’ve seen violence directed against LGBTQI people around the world increase,” he said. “And so, I think the United States playing the role that it should be playing in standing up for and defending the rights of LGBTQI people is something that the department is going to take on and take on immediately. Raising the pride flag is one way to outright show LGBTQ solidarity.”

Outfront Magazine further claims in their article that Biden “is the first U.S. president to openly embrace a full range of queer rights, including transgender equality.”

Barack Obama’s second term was more “woke” than his first, but it appears that Biden’s tenure—whether it lasts one or two terms—will surpass his former boss’ in ideological wokeness and cultural degeneracy. Hard to believe that that’s possible, but here we are.

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