Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Takes Military Intervention in Iran Off the Table for Now

The Hill reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a group of Iranian American political activists that the U.S. government is not pursuing regime change in Iran via direct military intervention.

According to an Axios report, Pompeo met with 15 Iranian leaders last Monday at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel.

Some of the sources present at the meeting claimed that Pompeo was asked multiple times “If regime change does not occur internally what is the endgame?”

Pompeo responded that the Trump administration is “careful not to use the language of regime change” and that the Trump administration has no plans for intervening military in Iran. When asked about the option of using a coup to usher in regime change, Pompeo joked that he would not tell the attendees even if he had that information on hand, which got a few laughs in the audience.

Pompeo remained vague about the Trump administration’s plans concerning Iran. According to Axios, Pompeo said “our best interest is a non-revolutionary set of leaders leading Iran.”

The Secretary of State also told the group that “there are no guarantees” that U.S. sanctions would keep the Iranian people from being negatively affected.

This is represents a small victory for the America First Movement.

Liberty Conservative News reported on the Trump Administration’s labeling of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

This move caused great concern among the non-interventionist segments of the America First movement.

Many have been worried about interventionist interests’ lingering influence on the Trump administration on matters concerning Middle Eastern withdrawals, Venezuela, and North Korea.

However, this latest announcement from Pompeo seems like a step in the right direction for the time being.

Now the Trump administration can focus 100% of its efforts on the immigrations, the issue that remains the #1 priority for GOP voters in the 2020 elections.

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