SEGREGATION: UMD Starts White’s Only Club in the Name of ‘Social Justice’

The University of Maryland is the first to capitulate to the logical end of the regressive social justice movement, creating a club for white students only reminiscent of 1950’s Jim Crow.

“The University of Maryland at College Park announced Friday a new diversity support group to create a ‘safe space’ for white students to discuss their feelings about ‘interactions with racial and ethnic minorities,'” according to a Friday report.

The program is called “White Awake.”

Those who have been paying attention to the social justice movement on American college campuses understand that this is the logical end to a truly regressive movement. Black students on campuses across the country have demanded black-only spaces for years. It only makes sense that white students would eventually demand the same.

The demented social justice movement has literally regressed society back into segregation in the name of “tolerance” and “inclusion.” Marxist college students and the marxist “educators” who are paid to teach them could not possibly be any dumber.

“This group offers a safe space for White students to explore their experiences, questions, reactions, and feelings,” according to the report. “Members will support and share feedback with each other as they learn more about themselves and how they can fit into a diverse world.”

Social justice morons are naturally perplexed by UMD’s decision to create such a group.

“I am ashamed over the execution of white awake nor do I fully understand its clause. ‘How they can fit into a diverse world’? Why do they need to attend therapy sessions on how to be a decent human being in society? Why do they need to have these sessions to learn how to coexist?” wrote UMD student Alysa Conway on Twitter.

Here’s the thing, Alysa: When social justice freaks continuously tell white social justice freaks that their very existence is racist simply because of their pigmentation, no matter how tolerant or allied they are to minorities, the white social justice freaks are eventually going to want to strategize about how to become as “woke” as the black social justice freaks. You pushed them away.

And that’s exactly how you got a segregated, white’s only club.

If this reporter had not given up long ago on the idea that college can be useful, or that universities are valuable institutions, this situation might be concerning.

Instead, it is hilarious. Social justice warriors will literally eat each other alive until the entire system of higher education collapses.

That cannot happen fast enough.

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