Self Defense Expert Testifying in Rittenhouse Trial Says Kyle “Reasonable” to Use Force

A self-defense expert called to testify in the trial of Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse has described the vounteer’s actions during last summer’s Kenosha’s riots as “reasonable.” John Black, an instructor of self-defense classes, said that Rittenhouse’s possession of the weapon made fatal use of force reasonable, citing the possibility his weapon could’ve been taken and used in his own murder.

A citizen in that position, given those indicators, would it be reasonable for them to believe they were about to be assaulted?” Black stated in a preliminary hearing in Rittenhouse’s murder trial on Tuesday. “I would argue yes.

Big League Politics exposed that Joseph Rosenbaum, a Kenosha man who attacked Rittenhouse in an attempt to seize the youth’s legal AR-15 rifle, was convicted of child sex crimes in 2002. The homeless man had been released from a mental ward only hours before arriving at the scene of Kenosha’s Black Lives Matter riot, where he attacked Rittenhouse.

Leftist street militants chased down Rittenhouse after the initial shooting of Rosenbaum, with Kyle shooting Anthony Huber fatally and wounding Gage Grosskreutz after being attacked with a skateboard. Black’s analysis of the shooting indicated his belief that the three leftist rioters were attempting to get Rittenhouse’s rifle.

It’s standard practice for any trained individual carrying a weapon- civilian, military, or police- to protect their weapon with their own life in any use-of-force context. Rittenhouse’s attorneys continue to seek the dismissal of politically-motivated charges against their client, with the formal trial expected to begin on November 1st.

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