Self-Hating Gun Grabber Shannon Watts Says All White People Are Racist

Shannon Watts, the Founder of Moms Demand Action, unleashed her inner white guilt.

In a retweet comment responding to a tweet by Max Boot, Watts declared that “All white Americans have racist bones in their bodies.”

Boot was defending establishment “conservative” journalist Bret Stephens who had been accused of racism after heavily critiquing the Democratic Party debates that took place last week.

In a column for The New York Times, Stephens described the Democratic Primary debates as a “wretched start”.

This was too far for the average leftist news consumer, who started lobbing accusations of racism towards Stephens.

Watts was one of the first people to jump onboard to cleanse herself of her white guilt.

She stated the following:

All white Americans have racist bones in their bodies. It is part of our DNA as a nation. We may wish we didn’t, we may be working to correct it, but instead of denying it, let’s admit it and talk about it. Much of what we do is impacted by it. We need to stop using this saying.

Watts is embracing political correctness culture just like the rest of her colleagues on the Left.

This is a logical fit, since Watts is a vociferous proponent of one of the most politically correct policy positions in America—gun control.

Single issue coalitions on the Left will likely rally around the white guilt complex that has become pervasive in modern-day Progressive culture.

Such alliances will become more common as identify politics becomes more divisive in America.

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