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SELLOUTS: Conservative Inc. Bows to LGBT Agenda and Throws Christian Values to the Wayside

Tolerance of unrepentant Biblical sin is the new doctrine of Conservative Inc.



Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to be more specific about the nature of Mindy Robinson’s explicit acting career. Robinson has appeared topless and/or simulating sexual acts in multiple films. Her work includes Casting Couch, All American Bikini Car Wash, Chicks Dig Gay Guys, Gingerdead vs. Evil Bong, Evil Bong 420, Evil Bong 666 and Evil Bong 777.

The official conservative movement, or Conservative Inc. as it is commonly called, has shown its extreme hostility toward traditional Christian values in recent weeks.

Conspiracy-minded author Mark Dice called out Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk after he posted a video of himself chiding an “anti-gay extremist” in what he referred to as a “take down.”

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Kirk has also appeared at events with Iraq War veteran Rob Smith, a homosexual African-American who is billed as a conservative but has a long history of promoting liberal causes and denigrating President Donald Trump.

Smith and Kirk showed contempt for individuals who questioned why the embrace of homosexuality helps the Right win the culture war at an event in October. This resulted in TPUSA-affiliated serial plagiarist Benny Johnson calling these young Christians “the New Westboro Baptist Kids.”

Smith also shills for homosexual dating apps that facilitate gay hook-ups and the spread of deadly sexually-transmitted diseases.

Flamboyant homosexuality has now become commonly accepted at conservative events. Kirk and Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire posed next to Lady MAGA, a pro-Trump drag queen who is attempting to become a social media celebrity, at Politicon last month.

The betrayal of Christian values has caused conservatives to take notice. Right-wing commentator Denise McAllister pressed the issue on social media, noting how she was blackballed by Ben “Jesus was not divine or even a prophet” Shapiro for pushing back against a purveyor of the LGBT agenda.

McAllister was pilloried by Conservative Inc. operatives – including Human Events editor Ian Miles Cheong, Washington Examiner columnist Brad Polumbo, and softcore porno actress Mindy Robinson – for exposing Shapiro’s unwillingness to stand against the LGBT agenda.

It is clear that the donor class that drives Conservative Inc. has given the order that Christianity is no longer acceptable to promote. In an age where children are being drugged and transitioned to another gender, drag queens groom kids in the public square, and children are taught about anal sex in schools, Conservative Inc. is surrendering to the LGBT agenda due to political expediency.

The Apostle Paul stated in his first letter to the Corinthians: “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

That type of Biblical sentiment in favor of traditional morality is no longer acceptable in the official conservative movement, because it might offend a cross-dresser like Lady MAGA or a child-obsessed degenerate like Polumbo. Conservative Inc. is spiritually bankrupt, which is a big part of why young “America First” patriots are rejecting it so forcefully.

Free Speech

Mumford & Sons Guitarist Swarmed by Fanatic Leftists After Praising Andy Ngo’s Book

Musicians are terrified to speak out against fanatic leftism.



Folk rock musician Winston Marshall was swarmed by furious leftists after congratulating journalist Andy Ngo on the publication of his new book, “Unmasked.” Ngo’s book breaks down Antifa’s model of attacking democracy and political violence in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, shining light on the street terror group’s extremism.

Marshall, the lead guitarist of Mumford & Sons, hailed Ngo as a “brave man” in a since-deleted tweet.

Antifa supporters were quick to attack the musician as a “Nazi,” unleashing the hate-filled vitriol commonly associated with the intolerant movement. Marshall’s Twitter feed is largely filled with support for Hong Kong demonstrators, a far cry from what leftists might expect from a “fascist.” The English guitar player’s band is known for songs such as “I Will Wait” and “Hopeless Wanderer.”

Others pointed to the faux social media outrage as mere evidence of the Left’s intolerance and fanaticism.

Ngo has been forced to flee the United States under a constant barrage of Antifa threats in recent months, with the street terror group determined to silence Ngo’s reporting on consistent property damage, anarcho-tyranny, and violent crime in Portland and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Marshall has since deleted the tweet. It’s considered impossible to get anywhere in the mainstream music industry if you haven’t cravenly bowed before the false gods of ultraliberalism and identity leftism. While Marshall took a risk in even saluting Ngo’s work in the first place, he unfortunately appears to have backed down, to a degree, a sad lamentation of the state of mainstream entertainment and corporate culture.

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