Sen. J.D. Vance Endorses President Donald Trump For 2024: ‘He Won’t Recklessly Send Americans to Fight Overseas’

Populist U.S. Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio is endorsing Donald Trump for president in 2024, citing Trump’s opposition to endless foreign wars as the reason.

Vance penned an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal where he officially endorsed Trump because of his history on foreign policy, which is more important issue than ever as Ukraine receives a seemingly unlimited amount of money and weapons as part of a dangerous and ill-advised proxy war against Russia.

“Bipartisan foreign policy consensus has led the country astray many times. Leadership in both parties supported the invasion of Iraq, the decadeslong nation-building project in Afghanistan, regime change in Libya and guerrilla war in Syria. All of these policies cost a lot of money and killed many. None of those conflicts has served the nation’s long-term interest. Very few were ever challenged by a leader of national significance,” Vance wrote.

“That is, of course, until Donald Trump came along. American partisans view Mr. Trump’s record primarily through a domestic lens. To my fellow Republicans, Mr. Trump lowered taxes and worked hard to deregulate the federal bureaucracy. To Democrats, Mr. Trump was a corrupt narcissist who earned his two impeachments. Yet neither party acknowledges perhaps the most important part of Mr. Trump’s legacy: his successful foreign policy,” he added.

Vance stated that Trump did more than just not create new wars when he was in the White House. He boldly embarked upon an America First agenda that broke with the conventional wisdom of the foreign policy establishment.

“Mr. Trump did more than simply keep the peace. He brokered the Abraham Accords, a historic agreement between Israel and Sunni Arab states providing the best hope of a long-term counterbalance to Iran. He began the long, slow process of decoupling the U.S. from its economic reliance on China. He opened diplomatic talks with North Korea after a half century of stagnation. And he pushed hard—to much derision—for Europe to take more responsibility for its own defense, precisely so that the U.S. wouldn’t be drawn so deeply and dangerously into a conflict like the one in Ukraine,” Vance wrote.

“Donald Trump’s presidency marked the first real disruption to a failed consensus and the terrible consequences it wrought. That fact, more than any single accomplishment, is the enduring legacy of Mr. Trump’s first term. But there is much more to do, and I’m supporting him for president in 2024 because he’s the only person certain to do it,” he concluded.

Vance has emerged as an extremely articulate opponent of militarism. This rising star’s support of Trump will help him greatly in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

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