Sen. John Cornyn Out in Texas? Gov. Greg Abbott Considers RINO Cat Parks as His Replacement

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas recently led the betrayal on the 2nd Amendment, working with RINOs and Democrats to push red flag gun control on every state across the nation.

This has fueled speculation that Cornyn is on his way out, seeking early retirement to enjoy a comfy life in the lobbying sector. If Cornyn were to suddenly retire, Texas Governor Greg Abbott would be tasked with appointing his replacement.

Sources tell Big League Politics that Abbott is eyeing Texas Republican vice chair Cat Parks as a potential replacement for Cornyn following his retirement. Parks is one of the chief apparatchiks who dutifully serves the GOP establishment in Texas.

Parks was influential in cajoling the Texas GOP and Gov. Abbott last year to throw the alternative social media provider Gab under the bus in a pathetic show of fealty to Big Tech.

“We cannot allow the Republican Party of Texas’ page on Gab to be a corkboard for anti-American values,” Parks said, implying that allowing free speech is somehow “anti-American.”

“I have…requested that our communications team cease communications on Gab and deactivate our account until further notice,” she added, virtue-signaling in favor of censorship.

The populist blog Current Revolt, which covers Texas GOP politics, has covered Parks’ disreputable behavior extensively.

“If Cat Parks were simply occupying the Vice Chair seat and being a cheerleader for the status quo, she would be one of many doing that. The list of people wasting our time is very long. However, this isn’t all she is doing,” Current Revolt wrote on Parks’ subversive influence.

Current Revolt noted that Parks came out of nowhere to rise to her position of authority and receives glowing profiles written about her by the liberal media. She has clearly been groomed for a position of prominence by the powers-that-be.

“They don’t even try and hide the fact that Cat Parks just appeared out of nowhere, having no real actionable agenda, never articulating a vision or worldview, and yet was put in charge for some reason,” Current Revolt wrote of the puff piece by the Texas Tribune about Parks.

They noted that “prior to about 2019, there isn’t a trace of her political views to be found anywhere online.” Parks appeared out of nowhere to be a fresh-faced avatar for the GOP establishment, who desperately needs young newcomers to rebrand their failed and reviled agenda.

“There is no path to freedom or a future filled with widespread prosperity for the people of Texas while Texas is linked to the dark forces that steer the government in Washington, regardless of what Cat Parks says to the contrary,” Current Revolt noted.

Remembrance Project founder Maria Espinoza, a border patriot who successfully lobbied President Trump to declare Nov. 1 as a National Day of Remembrance for Americans killed by illegal aliens, suggested that Abbott appoint a Hispanic Republican to replace Cornyn, one who firmly opposes illegal immigration, supports the border wall, and can help grow the Republican big tent around strong nationalist principles.

Espinoza gave retired Lt. Col. Raul Reyes as an example of a potential replacement for Cornyn. Big League Politics has reported on Reyes’ tireless efforts to oppose the border insanity caused by radical Democrats and exacerbated by weak Republican leadership:

Retired Lt. Col. Raul Reyes will stand boldly against the migrant invasion that is being allowed to cross the Texas state border by Democrats and complicit Republicans…

Reyes issued a comment to Big League Politics after border patrol posted a video showing how dire the situation has become in Texas…

“The invasion of Texas is unacceptable.  I oppose this invasion in the strongest possible terms and I vow to continue to work tirelessly to protect and preserve Texas’ sovereignty,” Reyes told Big League Politics.

“The current situation of our Great State of Texas is emblematic of how current leadership has chosen their own self interests over the best interest of Texas families. I will take action on day one and join other true conservatives to save Texas!” he added.”

Texas patriots must make it clear that Parks is not acceptable for the U.S. Senate or any other post of influence within the state GOP. Under the weak leadership of phonies like Parks, Texas will be a blue state in no time.

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