Sen. Josh Hawley Responds After ANTIFA-Style Group Terrorizes His Family

ANTIFA-style terrorists went to the home of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) in Virginia on Monday night to menace his family because of his support for electoral integrity.

Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin reported that Hawley was not at his Virginia home but his wife and baby were there when the thugs showed up:

The ANTIFA-style front, Shutdown DC, posted a blog bragging about how they “held an hour long vigil” outside of his home “to demand that he drop his baseless contestation of the 2020 presidential election results.”

“We came to let Hawley know that his actions are undemocratic and unacceptable,” said ShutDownDC activist Patrick Young. “Voters decided who they wanted to be president and now Hawley is trying to silence their voices, even after Republican election officials certified the vote counts. And let’s not forget that the bulk of the votes they would throw out come from Black and brown voters. This is an attempted coup waged by silencing the voices of people of color.”

Hawley has offered a response to what happened to his family on social media:

Their shameful “protest” can be seen here:

Malkin also alerted Proud Boys and other patriots that the group was planning to return to Hawley’s home on Wednesday:

This is far from the first time that ANTIFA has targeted their political opposition with terror displays outside of their homes. They went after Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a similar manner two years ago, as Big League Politics reported:

Violent Antifa organization “Smash Racism DC” showed up at the door of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson to threaten him.

After ringing his doorbell, a man is heard yelling through a megaphone:

“Tucker Carlson. We are outside your home to protest your promotion of fascism and racism. You promote hate, and an ideology that has lead towards thousands of people dying at the hands of the police, to trans women being murdered in the streets.”

He finishes off with what sounds like a threat, saying:

“Your policies promote hate, and we want you to know, we know where you sleep at night.”

The larger group of protesters then began chanting “WE KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!”

Hawley is paying the price for standing strong against the vote steal. He was the first to object to the electoral college certification in the Senate last week, which caused many of his colleagues to follow his lead. It is no surprise that few other political leaders have vocally opposed electoral fraud.

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