Sen. Tom Cotton Blasts Kushner-Driven Immigration Policy to Squeeze U.S. Workers

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-TX), co-sponsor of the RAISE Act, is sounding the alarm about the Trump administration’s shift on immigration policy.

Trump had once supported Cotton’s RAISE Act, which would cut the number of legal immigrants by half to help protect American workers. He has changed his tune in recent months, as senior advisor Jared Kushner’s influence has effectively swayed the President.

“We’re going to let a lot of people come in because we need workers,” Trump said earlier this year. “We have to have workers. These are low numbers, and in one way I love it, but in another way I don’t want to make it hard for you to get those companies rolling … with really great people.”

Kushner has been working diligently with many globalist lobbying organizations such as the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, George W. Bush Center, and several trade groups to push for more low-skilled and high-skilled foreign labor to put the squeeze on US workers.

As a result, Trump’s immigration policy looks much more like the status quo than anything he proposed on the campaign trail heading into the 2016 presidential election.

Cotton remains the leading stalwart in the Senate pushing for Trump to ditch the corporate Chamber of Koch gang and return to his populist roots on immigration.

“For decades our immigration system has been completely divorced from the needs of our economy, and working Americans’ wages have suffered as a result. Our legislation will set things right,” Sen. Cotton said in a press release following the re-introduction of the RAISE Act.

“We will build an immigration system that raises working wages, creates jobs, and gives every American a fair shot at creating wealth, whether your family came over on the Mayflower or just took the oath of citizenship,” he added.

It will be hard for Cotton to achieve these goals without the support of the President, who seems adamant that more foreign labor is needed to further boost corporate profit margins.

“All these companies are coming into our country, they’re all coming into our country, and when they come in, we need people that are going to work. I’m telling you, we need workers now. We need workers,” Trump said at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Because of Kushner’s successful efforts in lobbying Trump to jettison his immigration mandate, American workers will have far more competition for high-paying jobs in the U.S. marketplace.