Sen. Wendy Rogers’ Bill to Build a Border Wall Around Arizona is Approved by State Senate

Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers is leading the way to build the wall in her state to preserve American freedom against waves of illegal immigrants invading the U.S. southern border.

The Arizona state senate approved $700 million in spending to construct a border wall to protect the state’s border. It passed by a vote of 16-12 on Wednesday.

Rep. Paul Gosar applauded Rogers’ efforts to build upon President Trump’s agenda to stop the flood of illegal immigrants across the border:

Big League Politics has reported on other times that Rogers has stood for America First against the political establishment:

Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers and state representative Mark Finchem are drawing the line in the sand with regards to the door-to-door vaccine gestapo proposed yesterday by the Biden regime.

In his latest ghastly overreach, Biden announced on Tuesday that he will be sending thugs door-to-door in an attempt to coerce more Americans into submitting to the experimental and possibly deadly COVID-19 jab. Finchem and Rogers say that constitutional remedies will be taken to stop this heinously invasive proposal from ever coming to Arizona.

Finchem and Rogers are two heroes in the Arizona legislature who Republican lawmakers nationwide could certainly learn a lot from. Finchem is currently running for Secretary of State in Arizona on a platform to root out Democrat election fraud.

Rogers is moving the Republican Party to the Right. She is an amazing leader in the America First GOP for her tireless efforts in moving the needle forward.

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