Senate Democrats Tacked On Gun Control to NDAA Bill Underneath Gun Owners’ Noses

Senate Democrats were able to sneak an authorization of the 1988 Undetectable Firearms Ac into the National Defense Authorization Act, which sets the US’s military budget. 

Gun Owners of America noted that the UFA “set the stage for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.” This law prohibits any firearm that cannot be detected by metal detectors. However, GOA noted the following about this law and how its outdated in nature: 

“But back in the 1980s, when this bill was written, detection technology was in its infancy. Nowadays, we have sophisticated detection technology that doesn’t rely on metal detection to find firearms. In fact, modern detection technology can spot all objects, including guns regardless of the materials of their construction.”

This law is not only detrimental for the firearms industry, but it can be exploited the same way the 1934 National Firearms Acts has been to prohibit pistol braces and grow the size of the ATF’s registry. 

The ATF could end up harassing gun owners on the 3D printable firearms front by using the “Major Components” section of the UFA. This section basically states that all firearms and their key parts must be recognizable by an x-ray machine. This could easily be used to target 3D printable firearms, which are one of the new punching bags for the anti-gun Left. 

The anti-gunners are well aware that they can’t reauthorize controversial gun control bills through conventional legislative means. Instead, they’ll use idiosyncrasies of the legislative process to tack on controversial legislation underneath everyone’s noses. 

This is how tyranny is imposed in the shadows. For that reason, liberty and nationalist advocates must always remain vigilant. It’s the price we have to pay to maintain our cherished freedoms which are constantly under attack by the forces of tyranny.

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