UPDATE: Shutdown Over, Trump Signs The Bill


UPDATE: President Trump signed the spending bill Thursday morning, ending the government shutdown after a couple of hours. The bill still does not address the DREAMer issue, prompting a No vote from Nancy Pelosi.

A government shutdown is now considered inevitable in Washington shortly after 11 PM Thursday.

The New York Times called the government shutdown at 11:10 PM.

The government shutdown begins at midnight, due to the efforts of Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, whose protest against runaway spending is having a powerful impact.

President Donald Trump advised his administration to prepare for a government shutdown shortly after 8 PM.

Both the Senate and the House will vote on the budget bill early in the morning. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a vote on DACA, but Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is happy with the deal he made with Republican Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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