Senate Swamp Creatures Want to Open the Floodgates to Venezuelan Migrants

Establishment Republican Senator Marco and 23 Democratic Senators want to open the immigration floodgates to Venezuelans.

These bipartisan forces are scheming to grant asylum to Venezuelans, even though these migration incentives may actually impede Venezuelans’ ability to overthrow their socialist regime.

In a March 7 letter, the Senators expressed their intentions to extend asylum to Venezuelans:

“We respectfully request that your Administration promptly designate Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to ensure that Venezuelan nationals currently present in the United States are not forced to return … [because a return] is not in the best long-term interest of the United States or our partners in the region.”

Despite the good intentions, offering asylum to Venezuelans does come with several pitfalls. David North, a researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies, pointed out that offering asylum to Venezuelans could derail their efforts topple the Maduro regime. North drew the example of Communist Cuba exploiting U.S. immigrations laws to deport regime opponents.

North pointed out that “Successful revolutions are rarely pulled off by people who are not there.”

Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer are pushing this asylum letter. Both Senators are strong advocates for open borders and have worked diligently to hamstring President Trump’s immigration reforms. Some of these reforms that they have tried to derail include the construction of a border wall and a much-needed overhaul of the pro-migration asylum rules which have now become a migration magnet for potentially millions of Central Americans.

This recent TPS letter comes at a time when Democrats are trying to obstruct Trump’s plan to rescind TPS protections for many former illegal immigrants coming from countries like Honduras, Haiti, and El Salvador.

TPS protections have been in effect since 2001 and were granted to illegal immigrants whenever their countries of origin were afflicted by earthquakes and floods. The temporary benefits they enjoyed—legal residency and work—were repeatedly extended during the Obama and Bush administrations.

With how ingrained open borders are in DC, we can expect these protections to be extended and expanded if Venezuelans are added into the mix.

Immigration is more than just economic numbers and figures. It deals with real life humans who bring their cultures with them. Often times, these immigrants’ cultures are diametrically opposed to the recipient country’s culture.

In the Venezuelan case, we’re dealing with a country that has become monolithically socialist over the past fifty years. The current Venezuelan crisis is one of hardcore socialists (Maduro government) vs. the socialist lite opposition. In the short term, there is no easy way out for Venezuela.

Cultural habits die hard. Venezuelans, just like the rest of their Latin American counterparts, will likely bring their cultural and political baggage with them. In turn, their open entrance into the U.S. will only perpetuate the big government status quo.



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