Senator Angus King Put Pressure on Twitter By Reporting Over 300 Twitter Accounts

In a recently published post of the Twitter Files, journalist Matt Taibbi demonstrated that Maine Senator Angus King reported over 300 Twitter accounts, which includes alternative media outlet Zero Hedge, as suspicious. 

Taibbi has blamed politicians, which included Republican Mark Lenzi, a State Department diplomat, of attempting to pressure Twitter. 

Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net noted that King reported the accounts suspicious for posting content such as “being followed by rival Eric Brakey,” mentions of immigration, and “Rand Paul visit excitement.”

Taibbi called attention to how these shocking developments have not been covered by the legacy media at all. Broadly speaking, the Twitter files have revealed some unsettling developments such as the FBI and other federal agencies pushing Twitter to censor content. The legacy media largely did not touch on these revelations.

Overall, we’re clearly seeing an alliance between the Deep State and Big Tech. The US political class, especially its most tyrannical elements, recognizes that it can’t directly pass anti-freedom legislation. As a result, it will place pressure on the private sector to move its tyrannical agenda. 

This new dynamic requires the Right to become creative in its approach to dealing with the ruling class. It can no longer be so wedded to defending the private sector and instead flirt with the idea of using proactive state power to rein in bad actors and fully defund them if they receive state largesse. 

New political challenges require new political solutions.

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