Senator Tom Cotton Believes China Was Responsible for Spreading the Wuhan Virus

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has shined for his stances on China.

Steve Watson reported that Tom Cotton was championing legislation on March 25, 2020 that would end American dependency on China for pharmaceutical products. Cotton believes this dependency constitutes a major national security threat for American interests.

“Things like antibiotics and ibuprofen and Advil are made in China for the most part. It’s time to bring that manufacturing capacity back to the United States, time to bring a lot more back to the United States from China.” Cotton said in a Fox News interview.

“China unleashed this plague on the world, and there will be a reckoning when we’re on the back side of it.” he asserted.


Along with Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher, Cotton has introduced the “Protecting Our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain From China Act,” which vows to “cut off purchases of drugs with Chinese ingredients no later than 2025.”

Cotton is of the opinion that the “low quality” of such drugs produced in China is a danger to all Americans.

The bill would also mandate “drug companies to label the origins of ingredients in their drugs, so U.S. consumers are better informed of where their medicine comes from and whether it’s likely to be safe.”

Additionally, the legislation would encourage the medical industry to “manufacture in our country again by offering full and immediate expensing of factories, warehouses and capital goods related to the manufacture of drugs and medical devices on American soil.”

Cotton contended that “Emergencies like pandemics and wars break down previously dependable supply chains and relationships as nations start to fend for themselves. It’s sadly clear America gave up the ability to fend for ourselves in basic medicine long ago.”

The Arkansas Senator has been sounding the alarms on China for some time and demanded that the Chinese government demonstrate that the virus did not come from its bioweapons lab in Wuhan according to several sources of speculation.

Back in January, Cotton urged for flights from China into America to be shut down, warning that the Chinese government was lying about the outbreak’s full extent.

Despite some of his neoconservative views on non-threats like Iran, Cotton is on the mark regarding China.

America’s national defense priorities should be 100% centered on China and should consist of ending all Chinese migration to America, stiff tariff policies against the country, and a full-scale remilitarization of Japan to keep the country geopolitically in check.

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