Senator Tommy Tuberville Questions the War Party’s Desire to Intervene in Gaza

On October 11, 2023 in an interview with WBRC Alabama, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville declared that Israel “has a right to go” into Gaza after Hamas’ brutal attacks that it carried out against the Jewish state on October 7, but said “the problem is, when you start picking sides in the Middle East, it can get really messy very quick.”

The Biden regime was quick to criticize Tuberville for his remarks. In a memo released on October 11, the Biden regime expressed its full support for Israel. 

“[W]hen it comes to the horrific events in Israel, President Biden knows which side he’s on. Senator Tuberville should look in the mirror and then follow the President’s lead,” deputy press secretary Andrew Bates stated in the memo.

The memo was principally focused on Tuberville’s hold on military promotions, declaring that the conflict in Israel is a stark reminder of the importance of military readiness, which Tuberville is allegedly threatening. Tuberville conducted the hold in protest of the military’s abortion policies.

“The terrorist atrocities in Israel are a stark reminder that America’s military must be ready for anything on a moment’s notice. And the men and women who put their lives on the line for their country deserve the absence of self-inflicted attacks on their readiness from self-serving politicians, like Sen. Tuberville,” Bates declared.

He blamed Tuberville for “directly sabotaging the American military” and declared that “Senator Tuberville’s selfish stunt is also providing a windfall to our adversaries in the world.”

The Biden regime has repeatedly criticized Tuberville’s hold and called for him to reverse.

Thus far, after Hamas launched its attack on Israel, over 1,400 Israelis have been killed, while over 5,000 Palestinians have been killed in the process.

Now the world awaits Israel’s response, which some speculate could consist of a ground invasion of Gaza. Such a move could potentially turn into a regional conflagration as Iran and its regional proxies wait for the next Israeli move in order to potentially counter it. The stakes are definitely high here.

There comes a point when policymakers must recognize the limits of their geopolitical ambitions and start prioritizing domestic security issues.

The US can’t afford to continue playing world police, much less get itself entangled in dangerous alliances like the one it has with Israel.

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