Seriously: Hunter Biden Will Help Teach a “Fake News” Course at Tulane University This Fall

Daily Mail has reported that Hunter Biden will take part in a “fake news” course at Tulane University this coming fall semester.

President Joe Biden’s son will be one of ten “mostly left-wing political and media personalities” slated to speak throughout the course’s ten weeks. The course is titled “Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts.”

According to a syllabus obtained by Daily Mail, the course will “explore the current state of the media landscape in the United States and how media polarization, fake news, and the economics of the news business impact public policymaking in Washington, D.C.”

“America’s rapidly advancing partisan divide is fueled substantially by the growing political polarization increasingly evident in our news media,” the course description adds.

Other notable guest speakers include Dr. Deborah Birx, Juan Williams (Fox News), and Bret Stephens (New York Times). The rest of the speakers are Susan Glasser (The New Yorker), Margaret Sullivan (Washington Post), Kylie Atwood (CNN), Margaret Brennan (CBS News), and Dr. Michael Fauntroy (political science professor at Howard University).

Daily Mail quotes conservative filmmaker Phelim McAleer as saying that “Hunter Biden has no background in media” and “he has never worked for a newspaper or a media outlet.”

“Hunter Biden lecturing a class on fake news is like Harvey Weinstein teaching a course to prevent sexual harassment. It shouldn’t be happening. Period,” McAleer quipped. He is a producer of the upcoming movie “My Son Hunter,” which seeks to expose “Biden family corruption.”

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