John Podesta’s Ex-Sister In Law Is On D.C. Police Foundation Board


Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s ex-sister in law Heather Podesta serves on the Board of the Washington DC Police Foundation.

Heather Podesta serves on the board alongside recent Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who served as police chief when DNC staffer and widely-reported WikiLeaks source Seth Rich was murdered in July 2016. Lanier stepped down as police chief the next month.

D.C. power broker Heather Podesta is the ex-wife of John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony, whose Podesta Group is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the world.

Other board members include representatives of CVS, Enterprise Holdings, Geico, PNC Bank, and Pepco Holdings.

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Three Metropolitan police officers were wearing body cameras when they found Seth Rich alive and conscious with two shots to the back near his D.C. home in July 2016. Rich lived for more than another hour, eventually dying at the hospital.

Big League Politics’ Jeremy Bernstein requested that body camera footage, but was told to defer to the department’s FOIA guidelines, which prohibit media from getting the footage and mostly limit footage release to involved parties and lawyers.

Big League Politics reported on a major discrepancy between the Metropolitan PD’s original press release on the Seth Rich murder, which stated that officers “heard gunshots,” and subsequent police reports and Metropolitan PD statements, which maintain that officers found out about the shooting from an alert on their digital ShotSpotter audio surveillance system.

Big League Politics has reached out to Heather Podesta, inquiring as to whether Lanier or anyone on the board discussed the Seth Rich case, to her knowledge.


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  1. Ms. Podesta is the lobbyist for DeVry University. When Obama wiped out ITT for-profit schools in 2015-2016, Devry survived

    As to the D.C. police, many long term DC resident thinks it has covered up for politicians for some time. Mayor Bowser’s mentor, former Mayor Fenty, was said to have beaten his then wife, and former chief Cathy Lanier covered it up, and was then promoted to be DC’s first white woman chief of police. (Allegedly.)