Seth Rich Police Chief Hobnobbed With Clinton Campaign and DNC Officials (PHOTOS)

via Zimbo. Source: Paul Morigi/Getty Images North America

The police chief who oversaw Seth Rich’s unsolved murder case has socialized and been honored alongside key Hillary Clinton advisers and even Rich’s own boss at the Democratic National Committee. Rich is widely reported to be the source of Wikileaks’ damning 2016 email release that showed the DNC colluding to hand the nomination to Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders. He was gunned down in D.C. 12 days before Wikileaks’ release.

Former Metropolitan Police Department chief Cathy Lanier resigned from her post the month after Rich’s murder to accept a position running security for the National Football League. She sits on the Washington Police Foundation board alongside Heather Podesta, the D.C. power broker who was married to Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony.

In 2014, Lanier was honored on ELLE magazine’s list of the ten most powerful women in Washington alongside top Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and longtime Clinton friend and informal adviser Neera Tanden. Other honorees included NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue and Obama Cabinet official Penny Pritzker.

Lanier posed for a photo spread for the magazine, but was captioned but not pictured in the photo of the 2014 honorees with Mills and Tanden.

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Lanier did attend ELLE and Hugo Boss’ 2015 Women in Washington Power List dinner at the German ambassador’s house. Here she is chatting with Clinton crony and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.

via Zimbo. Source: Paul Morigi/Getty Images North America

Who else was at the dinner? None other than Amy Dacey, the CEO of the Democratic National Committee at the time of Seth Rich’s murder, who resigned one month after the killing as the DNC was rocked with scandal.

via Zimbio. Source: Paul Morigi/Getty Images North America)

Who else was at the dinner? None other than then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

via Zimbio. Source: Paul Morigi/Getty Images North America

In August 2015, a survey was conducted of more than 1,100 D.C. cops in the DC Police Union, asking if they had confidence in Lanier or no confidence.

97.5 percent of the cops voted “No.”

Big League Politics has repeatedly contacted the Metropolitan Police Department for relevant information related to the Seth Rich case, and to obtain police body camera footage from the incident.


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  1. And now that Comey is gone, the real investigation is heating up. The fake Russia narrative dreamed up by Hillery and her goons will dry up. Next there will be scared democrats offering testimony

  2. Trump needs to appoint a tough cop to be FBI Director, someone who will look into every nook and cranny of the swamp.

    All these rats have something to hide, and we need to investigate the skeletons in their closets and prosecute them. At this point, only a strong executive branch, DoJ, and FBI can drain the swamp.

  3. Per Wiki, Lanier dropped out of school after the 9th grade, and had a child at age 15; and yet, in 1914 she’s ‘honored on ELLE magazine’s list of the ten most powerful women in Washington.’ Hm, who else does that remind one of?

  4. I”d say let the FBI handle this , but they are compromised. How about send in the Texas Rangers. That alone would trigger all the right folks.

  5. Excellent research. Now someone needs to FOIA all communications between DNC and MPD.

  6. We can only hope! It seems people who decide to talk have a tendency to suddenly drop dead.

  7. Outstanding information! Just wow!
    The swamp is wide and deep but it’s perimeter is breaching! At so many points!
    Gawd, the Dem elite and associates are like a thrashing, writhing cottonmouth snake breeding ball in the slime!
    “President Trump, sir;
    We’re going to need a lot more flame-throwers!”

  8. Now isn’t that a cozy loving you cover my back and I’ll cover your, little friendly group. Closer than most families. Every single one needs deeply investigated.I’ve been saying for months the AG at the DOJ better damn well get BUSY and HIRE and keep HIRING MORE investigators and Atty’s to HELP to take care of all the corrupt pond scum.

  9. So conveniently Wonder how many before Vince Foster. Sure a lot sense. Still think Seth was one of them. He was on his way to some special meeting. But no one is looking into that.

  10. crooked commencement whore had gay obama and the other gay muslim brennan on the payroll to have seth rich murdered———–its not going away————–thus the bullshit russia any and everything narrative———————–the same people here probably had scalia murdered.

  11. Washington Post owner (Jeff Bezos) is under contract and manages the CIA top secret intelligence data base on his Amazon servers. Jess Bezos owns Amazon and bought the Washington Post when he was awarded the 600 million dollars contract from Obama cia director Brennan. Get it yet ? Read major news organizations reporting on this below

    CIA, under Brennan, contracted the owner of the Washington Post and Amazon, Jeff Bezos, to manage the CIA top secret intelligence data base. $600 million. Washington Post has  access to all countries intelligence including every phone call made.  Under Brennan.  John Pedestas works for Jeff Bezos Post.

    John Pedesta is employee of the Washington post

    Washington Post sold to amazon Bezos 2013

  12. The count is up to 112 now! if even One Quarter of these were done per orders of the Arkansas Crime Family, gees…..isn’t THAT enough? Why don’t you trust your own Common Sense any more? I called BS at ten yrs. old when Ruby killed Oswald right in front of TV cameras! #58 is how $HilLIARy got that NY Senate Seat….you know, for the state neither one of them were from until establishing Residency in Bill’s last term as president by buying that first Chappaqua Mini Mansion. RIP JFK, Jr. because YOU would have beat the pantsuit off her!

  13. And it was not even original. This happened about 25 years ago the whole country was up in arms fearing The Russians were Coming.