Seven House ‘Republicans’ Vote for Nancy’s Plan to Reopen Government Without Wall Funding

Seven House Republicans voted with the new Democratic majority today to reopen the government without a paltry $5 billion in funding to start construction on a ‘big, beautiful’ border wall, in the midst of the ongoing battle between the White House and Democratic leaders.

Most Republican members of Congress stood firm on refusing to reopen the government without progress on Donald Trump’s signature campaign progress. The outgoing GOP House Majority had earlier designated around $5.7 billion dollars for the wall, placing the ball in the court of the Senate to get together and make a deal that would re-open the government. Nearly all Republicans have stood with the President in order to present a unified face in the struggle to finally safeguard the borders of the United States with a wall, but the seven dissenters in the House Republican Caucus today could pose a threat to the prospects of the President delivering on his promises.

The seven Republicans caving to the left on immigration were:

Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Will Hurd of Texas
John Katko of New York
Peter King of New York
Elise Stefanik of New York
Fred Upton of Michigan
Greg Walden of Oregon

The six-bill funding package reopens many elements of the United States government, such as the State and Justice Departments, in addition to the IRS and National Zoo.

The battle to deliver on the border security promised to the American people time and time again continues on. National Border Patrol Council leaders spoke at the White House Press Conference today, making the case for the necessity of the wall Senate Democrats refuse to compromise on very clear.

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