Seven Illegal Immigrants Indicted for Assisting Wanted Cop Killer

Seven illegal immigrants were indicted Wednesday in California after allegedly providing assistance and safe haven to another illegal alien wanted for murdering a police officer.

The individuals have been indicted for their actions involving Gustavo Perez Arriaga, a 32-year old illegal alien. Arriaga, who has been described as a known gang member,  shot and killed a California police officer, Ronil Singh, at a DUI traffic checkpoint the day after Christmas. The murder set off an extensive statewide manhunt, and it seems that Arriaga’s extended network of accomplices may have played a key role in enabling him to avoid being arrested by law enforcement for more than two days.

Arriaga apparently had a considerable amount of family members in the United States who were more than willing to provide assistance and shelter, even going so far as to assist Arriaga in a plan to escape the country to Mexico. His seven accomplices, who were arrested shortly after he was, share his illegal immigration status.

Arriaga’s friends and family members allegedly provided assistance by giving him a place to hide while one of his co-workers, Erik Razo Quiroz (who has already been deported from the United States twice), allegedly disposed of the murder weapon, a 9mm pistol.

Arriaga’s accomplices also helped him contact human smugglers with the idea of the murderer fleeing back to Mexico to evade prosecution according to authorities.

It’s possible that California’s Sanctuary State status enabled both the murder of Officer Singh and the presence of the illegal alien network that hid Arriaga after the crime in the state. The Justice Department is currently suing the left-wing state for its defiance of federal immigration laws.

Officer Singh’s brother, Reggie, has spoken of his belief that his brother’s murder may have been prevented if not for California’s pro-illegal immigration sanctuary laws.

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